2017 HoIiday Gift Guide for Children

Includes a free printable "WISH LIST" template

The holidays are approaching fast. And whether you are shopping online or braving the lines in the stores, the hardest part is finding the perfect gift for every person on your list.

We can help with creative gift ideas for children!

This gift guide is filled with our favorite items this season that foster a growth mindset and support character building.

Organized by type of gift (books, posters, cards, subscriptions, toys/games, and clothing & accessories), this guide will help you stress less and enjoy the holidays more.

And as a bonus there's also a printable "My Holiday Wish List" template for your children! 

Explore this list of growth mindset and character building gifts for childre!

My holiday wish list printable for kids

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Big Life Journal for children

Big Life Journal

This growth mindset journal is a wonderful tool to help your chilldren develop essential life skills necessary to live their dreams.

Ages 7-11

USD $24.95, ships worldwide

Passion Planner

Introduce older children to planning and let them practice breaking down their short and long-term goals.

Ages 12+

USD $25-30, ships worldwide

10% off coupon code: BIGLIFEJOURNAL10 / expires 12/31/17


The Superkids Activity Guide to Conquering Every Day

This book puts the power into kids’ hands to understand themselves, discover their superpowers and have an awesome day, every day.

Ages 5-12

USD $13.50+, ships worldwide 


Making A Splash

Inspired by the popular mindset idea that hard work and effort can lead to success. The book has a fun story for kids and a nonfiction part for parents. 

Ages 4-8

USD $20, ships worldwide 

Who Was? Book Series

With over 120 titles, the Who Was? series tells the incredible stories of trailblazers, legends, innovators, and creators. 

Ages 8-12

USD $5.00+, available on Amazon and various retailers


Good Night Stories for Rebel Girls

Inspire girls to dream bigger, aim higher, and fight harder with 100 stories and portraits of great women, from Elizabeth I to Serena Williams.

Ages 4+

USD $35, ships worldwide 


Mindful Miracles Collection Pack

The Mindful Collection allows parents, extended family members, friends, and educators to connect with little ones in a meaningful way and help them learn how to identify, recognize, and express feelings within themselves and others.

Ages 1+

USD $50, ships worldwide 

15% off the first purchase of $50 or more: coupon code BIGLIFE / expires 12/31/17


My Meaningful Life Journal

This guided journal is the perfect place for children to feel, write, question, explore, learn and discover new things about themselves.

Ages 4+

USD $15.99, ships worldwide


The Little Linebacker

This is a story of a boy who worked hard to defy the odds and become a leader.

Ages 3+

USD $10.95, ships worldwide


The Jelly Donut Difference

The ooey, gooey jelly donuts in this story are a testament to the power of kindness, caring and generosity.

Ages 3+

USD $10.95, ships worldwide


The Children's Meditations In My Heart

Your child gets to know how beautiful he/she is inside and learns about the power of the heart.

Ages 4+

from £14.95, ships worldwide


Nancy B’s Science Club® Crime Solver Scope and Forensic Activity Journal

The Nancy B Crime Solver Scope is the perfect tool for investigating everyday mysteries from counterfeit-money detection to identifying the crumbs under your couch cushions!

Ages 8-12

USD $16.99, ships worldwide with conditions


Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes

This book asks you to do the opposite of what you have been taught.

Ages 12+

USD $10.50+, ships worldwide


Choose Kind Journal: Do One Wonderful Thing Every Day

Filled with quotes and questions that are both fun and insightful, this journal is the perfect gift for a Wonder fan and a great activity for parents to do with their kids.

Ages 12+

USD $13.50+, ships Worldwide


Q&A a Day for Kids: A Three-Year Journal

A place for parents and children to share the evolution of thoughts, feelings, and dreams over the years.

Ages 3-10

USD $13.50+, ships worldwide

Tandem activity book

Tandem Activity Book

Tandem Activity Book features 78 original exercises to write, draw, and play together. 

Ages 3+

USD $14.50, ships worldwide


Growth Mindset poster for children

Growth Mindset Poster

Help your children or students harness the power of a growth mindset with this inspirational manifesto poster.

All Ages

USD $9.95 for the print or USD $4.95 for downloadable PDF, ships worldwide


Success Iceberg Poster by Big Life Journal

Success Iceberg Poster

A great visual reminder for kids that every accomplished or successful person had to invest a lot of effort, work, and many other things until they achieved their goals.

All Ages

USD $9.95 for the print or USD $4.95 for downloadable PDF, ships worldwide 

Gratitude Conversation Starters

This conversation starter pack comes with 52 gratitude prompt cards to inspire fun and thankfulness at any event.

All Ages

USD $9.95, ships internationally



PeaceMakers help children and adults connect and share their thoughts, ideas, and feelings in daily, playful ways. Every card in the deck has an affirming message designed to nurture social and emotional skills, self-love, a growth mindset, confidence, and more. 

Ages 3+

USD $24, ships worldwide

10% off coupon code: YES!10%OFF / expires 12/31/17

Coaching cards by Mind Tools for Kids

Mind Tools Coaching Cards

These cards have been designed to coach and inspire your child into new ways of thinking.

Ages 7+

£15.00, ships to the US and UK

20% off coupon code: YES!10%OFF / expires 12/31/17

Growth Mindset Postcards

A collection of four encouraging, high quality growth mindset postcards that would make a great stocking stuffer.

Ages 5+

USD $2.75+, ships worldwide from the UK

20% off coupon code: BIGLIFE20 / expires 12/31/17

Happi Cards

A palm-sized deck of 57 cards, designed to shift perspective to a happy one, over any situation in life.

Ages 5+

USD $20.50+, ships worldwide from the UK

10% off coupon code: BIGLIFEJOURNAL / expires 12/31/17


Kazoo magazine

A quarterly print magazine for girls which celebrates them for being strong, smart, fierce and, above all, true to themselves.

Ages 5-10

USD $50, only annual subscriptions available worldwide


From Marie Curie to Bessie Coleman, Irena Sendler to Florence Nightingale, Patsy Mink to Malala - GIRLS CAN! CRATE inspires girls to BE and DO anything by introducing them to fearless women who made the world better.

Ages 4-8

USD $20.00-30.00, ships USA & Canada

Coupon code BIGLIFETOTE - to get tote bag (when you choose 6 or 12-month subscription)

15% off the first crate with the coupon code BIGLIFE15 - for the month-to-month or 3-month subscription

These coupon codes cannot be combined and are good one per customer.

Mindful Monsters

Each month, you’ll get a pack of seven activity cards to enjoy together, inspired by mindfulness.

All Ages

£7.50-75.00, ships within the UK only

For-Purpose Kids Quarterly Subscription Boxes

A great way to introduce the ideas of giving and volunteering to the kids in your life.

All Ages

USD $35.99-129.99, ships to Canada & USA

The deadline for shipping in the US in time for Christmas is December 20th.

10% off coupon code: BIGLIFE / expires 12/31/17



Wonder Crate

A monthly subscription box that promotes social emotional learning for kids.
Ages 4-8

USD $30+ plus shipping, ships worldwide

10% off coupon code: FOUNDER / expires 12/31/17  


A bimonthly publication (digital and print) for girls.

Ages 8+

10% off coupon codeBIGLIFE17 / expires 12/31/17 

Better Me The Game of Growth

The game brings up interesting topics that don't normally come up in daily conversation, allowing players to quickly learn about themselves and their fellow players.

Ages 12+

USD $54.95, ships worldwide

 20% off coupon code: BIGLIFE20 / expires 12/31/17 


The Empathy Toy

It’s a blindfolded puzzle game that can only be solved when players learn to understand each other.

Ages 6+

USD $121, ships to the US / Canada

10% off coupon code: GROWTHMIND1/ expires 12/31/17 

Random Acts of Flowers craft and activity kit by Renegade Made

Everything you need to make a dozen dazzling paper flowers plus a hanging vase to brighten people's day one flower at a time.

Ages 8+

USD $19.99, ships within USA

Rory’s Story Cubes

Rory’s Story Cubes® is the pocket-sized creative story generator that encourages creativity, develops social confidence, enhances language development skills and creates connections and unique moments between people young and old alike.

Ages 6+

USD $3.99-19.99, ships worldwide

Creativity Can

Teach creativity with these hands-on, highly engaging activities.

Ages 4-15

USD $85, ships within USA

Totika Self Esteem Game

Totika Self Esteem Game - A game of Fun, Skill and Communication. Helps to improve social skills and self-esteem.

Ages 8+

USD $25.54, ships worldwide

$5 off coupon code: CR9855 / expires 12/31/17 

Craft-tastic Empower Poster Kit

Make this feel-good poster by choosing the empowering words that describe why you're wonderful and truly unique.

Ages 8-15

USD $17.99, ships worldwide

20% off coupon code for the poster kit only: BLJ20 / expires 12/31/17 

Sunny and Stormy Day! Book & Game

A picture book, a cooperative game and a sharing activity that encourages families to share from the heart.

Ages 3+

USD $17.99, available at Target

Friends and Neighbors The Helping Game

In playing the game and reading about the feelings and needs of the characters, parents can help their children recognize feelings in others - the first step to building empathy.

Ages 3+

USD $15.95, ships to USA, Canada, Alaska & Hawaii

What's It?

It’s a party game, a family game and a guessing game where players try to think alike.

Ages 8+

USD $15.95, ships to USA, Canada, Alaska & Hawaii

Bunny Bedtime - The Make-a-Choice Helping Game

Children learn matching colors and shapes, making choices, puzzle problem-solving, listening and social-emotional skills through play.

Ages 2+

USD $17.99, ships worldwide

Kids' Daily Dilemmas In a Jar

Provocative conversation starters for youth groups or around the dinner table, 101 dilemmas prepare kids to meet life’s challenges and make good choices. There are different styles of jars available.

Ages 10-14

USD $9.57, ships worldwide


This is classical game of risk. Players take turns to remove a block from a tower and balance it on top, creating a taller and increasingly unstable structure as the game progresses.

Ages 6+

From USD $10.59, ships inside the Continental US and to Canada only


Perplexus original is a puzzle in the round, an obstacle course on a roll. 360 degrees of orbital track filled with mind bending turns, brain-thrilling twists and jaw-dropping stunts will challenge and inspire children!

Ages 8-13

USD $18.76, ships worldwide

Bob Ross: The Art of Chill Board Game

A game which inspires creativity and strategic thinking. Children learn to keep your eye on what other players are doing and be strategic about the sequence in which they complete the features.

Ages 12+

USD $24.99, available at Target only


This toy builds imagination. Its one simple shape produces endless possibilities - assemble them flat to create a 2-D mosaic or work in 3-D to make more complicated structures.

Ages 1-12

USD $30.50+, ships worldwide

20% off coupon code for the US only: BIGLIFE / expires 12/31/17 


Empowering T-Shirts by Diamond-Kid

These t-shirts encourage children worldwide to be the best they can be. Eco friendly cotton t-shirts are made using solar and wind power.

Ages 5-10

USD $9.90-21.97, ships worldwide from the UK

10% off coupon code: BIGLIFEJOURNAL / expires 12/31/17 


Empowering T-Shirts by Free To Be Kids

Free To Be Kids offers children the messages that big retailers don't. Their products battle negativity and gender cliches in children's clothing with positive messages and stylish, on-trend design.

Ages 0+

Prices vary, ships worldwide

Notes to Self Socks

Socks with inspiring affirmations like "Strong" and "Amazing" give people, especially the young, encouragement and confidence to become the best that they can be.

Ages 0+

USD $9.99-12.99, ships worldwide

10% off coupon on purchases of $75 or more: Socks4eachday


Inspiring Tees

Perfect to encourage children and students to push through challenges and persevere!

Ages 12+

USD $23.00 +, ships within USA

10% off coupon: BIGLIFE

Affirmation Bracelets

Inspirational jewelry for everyday women and girls to open the door to self-love, approval, and acceptance.

Ages 10+

USD $12.00 +, ships Worldwide

15% off coupon: BIGLIFE

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  • WOW! These are TRULY incredible gifts. Thank you for putting this list together – I will definitely be sharing it on my Facebook <3

    Renee Stump
  • I love the growth mindset so much. I wish education like this was around when I was younger. This sort of skill should be taught to parents during pregnancy so that they can start teaching baby at the start of life ? love the ideas for gifts. Love from Tasmania, Australia.

  • Thanks for these great ideas. Going to get a couple of these suggestions for each of my children!

  • THANK YOU for doing my job for me! I have been “googling” with not much success, looking for meaningful, educational toys and games. These are just Perfect! Hope shipping to the UK will not cost the earth. So happy I have discovered your website xx

    Annsofie Bate
  • Wonderful ideas and you took the work out of finding things for different ages!

    Dianne Tencer

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