7-Day Positivity Challenge for Children (with Printable Worksheets)

This 7-day positivity challenge is designed to help children cultivate positive attitude and improve their self-image. 

Encourage your child to take on this fun challenge and join them as their challenge buddy! This challenge can also be done a classroom setting with students being each other's challenge buddies. 

To understand key benefits of and the science behind each activity refer to the research-based article 7 Activities to Help Your Child Develop a Positive Attitude

7-day positivity challenge for children which includes a printable worksheet for each day.

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A set of free printable worksheets designed for the positive attitude challenge activities for kids!

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  • Just discovered you guys through IG. I love this! Subscribed to the weekly articles. Is there a way to get the printables for the 7-Day Challenge? I’m going to do this with my kids starting TODAY :)

  • I have signed up, but wondering how to get it?

  • I have just subscribed for your amazing weekly articles and printable . I’d also love to do the 7 day positivity challenge with my kiddies but can’t seem to access it ?

  • How do I get these printable please?


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