5-Day Growth Mindset Challenge for Children

Would you like to help your children or students develop a growth mindset? Try the growth mindset challenge! 

The 5-day Growth Mindset Challenge for kids is five printable fun activities for children. It is designed to help them:

  • understand the difference between growth mindset and fixed mindset
  • learn about the power of YET
  • practice key growth mindset affirmations

Encourage your child to take on this fun challenge and join them as their challenge buddy! This challenge can also be done in a classroom setting with students being each other's challenge buddies. 

The Growth Mindset Challenge is part of our Challenges Kit available here. 


5-day gorwth mindset challenge for children


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  • I would love to have these for my students

    Mette hojberg
  • My students would LOVE this and I have a few that could really use something like this to break them out of an apathetic funk. Thank you!

  • As a School Social Worker I have found the mindset tools to be valuable in helping students self regulate, develop resiliency and problem solve. Thank You!


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