A New Year Practice Your Whole Family Will Love

A New Year Practice Your Whole Family Will Love

It's been quite a year! We were faced with circumstances none of us ever expected or imagined.

Take a deep breath, and pat yourself on the back. We made it.

Make way for 2021!

The perfect time to reflect and look forward through the practice of goal-setting; a great way to start the new year with positivity.

Writing down our goals activates our imagination and logic, making us more likely to accomplish them. 

You can use this beautiful printable to start conversations of reflection and aspirations. 

This activity helps kids connect with themselves and visualize what it would feel like to achieve their goals, giving them confidence, clarity, and motivation to take action.

The result?

A can-do attitude with a greater sense of gratitude.

Use it as a visual reminder to help your children stay on track and motivated to keep going; you could post it in their room, on your refrigerator, on a board, or even the bathroom mirror!

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Be sure to check out our 2021 New Year Kits (PDFs).  We have one for ages 4-10 here and one for ages 11+ here.  These popular kits contain activities to help reflect on your year, set goals, form new habits, and more!

2021 Kits

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