5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Children

Have you ever heard your child say "I am stupid"? It's so hard to hear your child say negative things about herself.

We can do a lot to cultivate our children's self-love and build their self-esteem.  You can start with the 5-Day Self-Love Challenge! 

The 5-day Self-Love Challenge for children is five printable activities for children. It is designed to help them:

  • learn how to love themselves
  • discover their strengths and self-worth
  • practice creating their own affirmations

Encourage your child to take on this fun challenge and join them as their challenge buddy! This challenge can also be done in a classroom setting with students being each other's challenge buddies. 

The challenge is available as part of the Challenges Kit, which also includes Growth Mindset, Positivity, and Gratitude Challenges. 


Infographic-Self-Love 5 Day-Challenge-child-worth-esteem-printable-big-life-journal


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  • My son and I just finished the Growth Mindset Challenge. We loved it!!

    Kari Clayton
  • Really importante to help Themn believe in themselves

  • Wow! It is so important to grow children full of positive mindset thoughts and ideas, to build strong beliefs and achieve our full potential

    Monica McNeil
  • thank you for the work you do

  • Great

    Anne Morgan

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