5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Children

5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Children


Have you ever heard your child say unkind words about themselves?  It’s so difficult to hear your child say negative things about themself. 

We can do a lot to cultivate our children's self-love and build their self-esteem.  A great place to start is with the 5-Day Self-Love Challenge, available in our popular Challenges Kit PDF

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 The 5-Day Self-Love Challenge for children is five printable activities for children. It is designed to help them:

  • discover their strengths and self-worth
  • develop a sense of gratitude towards their bodies
  • learn to choose their thoughts
  • and more!

5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Children

11 thoughts on “5-Day Self-Love Challenge for Children

  1. avatar Bornali says:

    Hi, I am unable to download 5 days self love challenge for my kid

  2. avatar Susanna says:

    This looks great, I’ve put in my email and it’s not sending me the PDF?
    Hoping to get this for Mental Health awareness Week on Monday.

  3. avatar Anneka says:

    This has helped my child grow couldnt be more thankful xx

  4. avatar Dianne says:

    Thank you

  5. avatar mbmcnamara says:

    Thank you!


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