25 Growth Mindset Statements and Affirmations

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Growth mindset is powerful. But how can you help your children (or students) develop it?

The reality is most parents and teachers are not sure where to start

It took us many months of research to find the most effective ways to introduce children to a growth mindset and help them adopt it. One of these ways is through statements and affirmations.

Below is the top 25 growth mindset statements and affirmations you can start practicing with your children or students today. 

A list of 25 growth mindset statements and affirmations for kids and adults. 

Here's a great way to introduce these affirmations to your children or students:

1. Download our printable "We Are a Growth Mindset Family" (or "We Are a Growth Mindset Class") below. 

2. Take a moment to sit with your child and discuss what it FEELS like to be a growth mindset family (or class). The printable has two suggestions and you can add your own. Possible answers might include "persistent", "hard-working", etc. 

3. Have the same discussion around what it SOUNDS and LOOKS like to be a growth mindset family (or class). You can refer to our list of 25 growth mindset statements for ideas. 

4. Post completed worksheets around your home or classroom for a daily reminder! 


A growth mindset printable with statements and affirmations


Free growth mindset printables for classroom or home

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  • Great site and program, thankyou

  • Thank you for these growth mindset ideas. Our students need this reminder. Me too!

    Gigi Murfitt

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