Affirmation Cards (PDF)

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Our Affirmation Cards are a collection of beautiful printable illustrations filled with uplifting messages to encourage and inspire your children to live with resilience and a positive attitude.

Tuck them into a lunch box, display them in the bathroom mirror, post them on the refrigerator, or insert them into birthday cards as a kind gesture. You can even turn this into a fun game and have your children pick their affirmation from the deck every morning.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

Each license (purchase) is valid for one educator/classroom with 1-35 students in one classroom or one family. These printables are for non-commercial use only.

This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation. If you would like to use these printables as part of a class or practice you charge for, you must purchase a professional license. Please reach out to for more information.