Big Life Journal Ebook (PDF)

Big Life Journal Ebook (PDF)


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*This is a printable PDF version of the Big Life Journal.*

Big Life Journal for Children

Packed with stories, poems, quotes, illustrations and writing prompts, this guided journal is the world's first growth mindset book created specifically for children.

Growth mindset activities help children recognize their ability to learn and motivates them to harness the power of their own mind.

It can help children to learn to embrace challenges, to persevere, and how to grow from feedback.

Through stories children will get inspired by failures and successes of people like Elon Musk, J.K. Rowling, Walt Disney, and others.

Our guided children's journal is broken down into 26 weeks with each week covering a new theme or topic including: 

Make a Difference in the World
Dream Big
Follow Your Heart
You Are Not What You Have
Believe in Yourself
Take Action
Be Persistent
Effort is Key
Love Learning
Be Mindful
Be Grateful
Failure is Learning
Be Positive


The Big Life Journal lets children learn at their own pace in an exciting and organized way.

With colorful illustrations, plenty of space to draw and write, and guided worksheets to help them discover important life lessons, this children's journal will help them enjoy learning.

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Plus a gift!

You will also receive our exclusive gift - growth mindset coloring sheets (printable PDF).

It is perfect for giving your kids something to color AND helping them develop a growth mindset!

These sheets are the key GROWTH MINDSET affirmations: 

- Challenges make me stronger
- Mistakes help me learn
- I grow my brain by learning hard things
- I can always improve
- When I work hard I get better


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Calgary, AB

Can't wait for school to start!

I can not wait for school to start back! I am providing my students with the journal 2 weeks at a time and they will be switching partners, at least hypothetically. If it doesn't work with switches we will revert back to original partners. This will be the soft start my kids need for the day and will help build life skills in the process.

Tania K
Metairie, LA

Creating special memories.

My son Logan is 7yrs old. We started working in the Big Life journal in July. He loves it. He calls it our special time together. We are having conversations that we never had before. I'm telling everyone about the Big Life journal.

Marianne Sormani
England uk

One of my best purchases ever...

This journal is one of my best purchases ever... this may sound like an over statement but it is helping change how I teach the children at my school and raise my own children too. The quality is superb and the activities varied and supported by lovely stories. It us a user friendly guide to helping hold ren develop grit and determination to succeed.

Kutztown, PA

Fantastic Teaching and Parenting Resource!

I'm a homeschooling mom who has been wanting to introduce my kids to the idea of journaling, but as they are still pre-writers, I've had to put the brakes on that a bit. But the Big Life Journal has been a fantastic conversation starter for us, even without the writing part (yet!). It's so helpful to remember to keep up a growth mindset in my own interactions with the kids. Thank you for such a great resource!!


Anchor for our Homeschool year!

The Big Life Journal was my gift to the children on our first day of Homeschool last week. We are going to be working on becoming bigger, better people as well as learning so many new things in our academic studies! We are excited about the enrichment as a focus for our year! We love our new Big Life Journals