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Growth Mindset Poster - Big Life Journal, a growth mindset journal for kids

Growth Mindset Poster


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The poster is a growth mindset manifesto for kids. It says:

I have a growth mindset. I am in charge of how smart I am because I can grow my brain like a muscle by learning hard things. I can achieve anything with effort and right strategies. And even if I fail or make a mistake, it is a great thing because I can learn from them and I get better.

It is printed on a high-quality eggshell card stock (non-glossy). The poster size is 11'' x 17'' (28 x 43 cm). Frame is not included.

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Plus a gift!

You will also receive our exclusive gift - growth mindset coloring sheets (printable PDF).

This is perfect for giving your kids something to color AND helping them develop a growth mindset!

These sheets are the key GROWTH MINDSET affirmations: 

- Challenges make me stronger
- Mistakes help me learn
- I grow my brain by learning hard things
- I can always improve
- When I work hard I get better


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Nicolle P.

Love this poster!

I love the message and the bright colors and fonts make it so fun! It's going up in the playroom where my kids can see it daily!

Georgina F.

Loved the message on this

Loved the message on this poster. I want my children to remember that with effort anything is possible. I'm framing the poster and putting it up where all can see it.

Anne K.

This poster is awesome!

My 7 year old son read it out today for the first time and I could tell by his smile that he was taking it in. We have talked about growth mindset for a while now, but it is so much more valid when it doesn't just come from mom! Thank you!

Kellie Leanne


I have been thoroughly excited going through this journey and waiting for 3 books! I received the beautiful posters and have printed our colouring pages! Its been a great journey and cannot wait to send off one poster home with my two step daughters with their books when they arrive back to their mums house to encourage positivity in their home and start looking through the books and learning how to have a growth mind set here in our home too with my daughter! :)


Big Life Journal

Kellie, thank you so much for this thoughtful review! Can't wait for mail you the books :)

Michelle G.

What a wonderful poster

My son is too young to read this wonderful poster, but we have it posted up where he can see it, and we will read it together as he grows up. It's just such a perfect way to look at growing up and learning and handling the frustrations that come with trying new things. It's okay to try, it's okay to make mistakes along the way, because you're learning! It's going to be a good reminder for us adults too! Beyond the great content of the poster, I'm a big fan of how colourful and eye catching it is. I'm so happy to have this on our wall right now.