Growth Mindset Printables Kit 1 (PDF)

Growth Mindset Printables Kit 1 (PDF)


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This is a set of 25 growth mindset printable guides and worksheets to help parents and educators instill growth mindset in children.

These handouts include growth mindset activities and exercises for children. They help develop important life skills like problem-solving, goal-setting and learning from mistakes. 

This set includes eight growth mindset coloring sheets for kids. 

Important note: 

Each license is valid for one educator/classroom with 1-35 students, one practitioner, or one family. These printables are for non-commercial use only. This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation. 

What's in The Kit? 

A "Parent's Guide to a Growth Mindset" 

A great reminder of important growth mindset basics. 


The "Ultimate Guide to Praising Your Kids" 

A research-based guide on how to praise your children to increase their intrinsic motivation.

 The ultimate guide to praising your kids to help them develop a growth mindset

The "How to Praise Your Kids" Sheet

Use these examples of praise to help your kids develop a growth mindset. 

 Examples of how you can praise your kids to help them develop a growth mindset

The "Parent's Cheat Sheet" To Praising Your Kids

Includes a helpful list of positive words to use in your praise as well as examples of how to praise your kids for things other than achievements.

A parent's cheatsheet on how to praise your kids to help them develop a growth mindset.

The "Growth Mindset Lunchbox Notes" for Kids

Cut out these cute growth mindset notes and put them into your kids' lunchboxes to keep them reminded of the growth mindset. 

growth mindset printable lunchbox notes for kids

The "10 Growth Mindset Questions" To Ask Your Kids at the Dinner Table

A helpful list of questions to spark growth mindset conversations with your kids.  

A set of printable growth mindset questions to ask your kids at the dinner table.

A set of printable posters

These posters will help you create a positive atmosphere around mistakes and failures. Two versions available: for home and for classroom. 

A set of printable growth mindset posters for kids: for home and for classroom.

The Self-Esteem Building "All About Me" Worksheet

This worksheet is designed to help your child discover things they like about themselves as well as their strengths and interests. It would be fun to use it every year and see how their answers compare over time. 


A printable worksheet for kids to build self-esteem

The "Growth Mindset Maze Game" 

A quick and fun maze game for kids which asks them to find fixed mindset and growth mindset statements. 


A printable maze game for kids which teaches a growth mindset.

The "I Learn from Mistakes" Poem for Kids

A fun poem to keep your kids reminded that mistakes help them learn and grow their brain. 

A printable growth mindset poem for kids which teaches that mistakes are a good thing!


A Set of Goal-Setting Printables

Includes two printables: "My Goal Thin-Sheet" and "My Goal" worksheet. Let your kids use them to set their goals for a new school or calendar year.

Goal-setting printable worksheets for kids.


A Set of Bingo Sheets

These bingo games teach commitment, introduces kids to goal-setting (a child sets a deadline by WHEN they want to complete the game), teaches time limits. 
Kids might have to retract and start over = it teaches perseverance.

Includes "My Reading Bingo" and "My Adventures in Nature Bingo" 

Two bingo games which help kids learn goal-setting and commitment.


"My Problem Solving Plan" Worksheet for Kids

A great way to introduce kids to problem-solving! This worksheet helps define a problem, come up with a list of possible solutions and evaluate outcomes of each solution. 

A printable problem-solving worksheet for kids.

Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets for Kids

A set of eight coloring sheets: 

- Challenges make me stronger
- Mistakes help me learn
- I grow my brain by learning hard things
- I can always improve

- My brain is like a muscle, I work it out
- I get stronger when it's diffiuct
- Every mistake I make is a progress
- When I work hard I get better


A growth mindset coloring sheets for kids.

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A convenient set of 25 growth mindset printables for kids, parents, and educators. Perfect for any classroom or a homeschool!

How to Print The Kit? 

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Dianne Wright

Game Changer!!

Over the years, I've looked for products and practices that would help teach mindset and they were always geared to developing adults. My children are competitive athletes and it was always important to me that they learn to adjust and react appropriately when faced with struggles. The Big life journal is an excellent tool for teaching in a child friendly way. The stories are relatable and the exercises work to improve positive perception of everyday problems. I feel incredibly blessed to have been introduced to the big life journal and I am excited to share it with every parent and teacher or coach that I know.

Joeleen S.
United States

Growth Mindset Printables

Amazing tool to have and execute at a moments notice. Students enjoy seeing their masterpieces hanging on the classroom walls!

Debbie S.
United States

I bought this for my niece, my colleagues are benefiting

I initially bought the Growth Mindset for my niece however, I print the print-ables each month and post them for my colleagues. I thank this company for teaching children and reminding adults of wonderful guidelines for Happy Living! Thanks for keeping us all in a "Growth Mindset."

Sara B.
United States

I love these printables!

These have been great, I enjoy working on this stuff with my kids. And as they grow we have repeated the process which has been beneficial.

Jo S.

Growth mindset print outs

They are fantastic and very useful thank you