Growth Mindset Printables Kit 2 (PDF)

Growth Mindset Printables Kit 2 (PDF)


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This is a set of 26 printable worksheets and activities for children to help them develop growth mindset, resilience, grit, self-esteem, confidence, and more. Your kids or student will have fun while learning new skills and concepts! 

Important note: 

Each license is valid for one educator/classroom with 1-35 students, one practitioner, or one family. These printables are for non-commercial use only. This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation. 

What's in The Kit? 

"My Growth Mindset Statements"

Use this printable to explain to a child two different ways of thinking: a fixed mindset and a growth mindset. Print and hang it someplace where they can easily see it. When they're struggling with fixed mindset thoughts, offer to look at this printable to find a growth mindset alternative thought instead. 

This is a great growth mindset bulletin board addition! 

Growth mindset statements for children

25 Growth Mindset Statements and Affirmations

This helpful list is a great way to practice a growth mindset way of thinking. Next time when you hear your child or student say "I can't do this," let them look at these statements to find an alternative thought. 

Growth Mindset statements printable kids big life journal

"We Are A Growth Mindset Family" Worksheet

Take a moment to sit with your child and discuss what it FEELS like to be a growth mindset family (or class). The printable has two suggestions and you can add your own. Possible answers might include "persistent", "hard-working", etc. 

Have the same discussion around what it SOUNDS and LOOKS like to be a growth mindset family (or class). You can refer to our list of 25 growth mindset statements for ideas. 

Post completed worksheets around your home or classroom for a daily reminder! 

Growth Mindset statements printable kids big life journal

"We Are A Growth Mindset Class" Worksheet

Growth Mindset statements printable students classroom big life journal

"25 ideas to build child's confidence" Poster For Parents & Teachers

Use these 25 research-based, immediately implementable strategies to start boosting the confidence of your children or students today.

25 ways to build your child's confidence


"10 Uplifiting Ways To Go About Your Day" Poster 

A list of ten ideas for children on how to stay positive throughout the day and share their positivity with others.

10 uplifting ways to go about your day


The "My Power of YET" Worksheet

One way to combat perfectionism or "can't do" attitude is to teach your child about “the power of yet.”  When your child says he can’t do something or hasn’t achieved something, chime in with those three letters: “YET!” Use this worksheet to practice this technique with your children. The printable also includes the valuable "goal ladder" technique. 

Power of YET printable for children


Growth Mindset Poster for Young Athletes

When we talk about growth mindset, we usually apply it to academics. But practicing growth mindset in sports is extremely beneficial as well.

In sports, the focus is too often solely on outcomes (winning or losing).

Instead, parents and coaches should emphasize the process (practice, effort, improvement). Not only does this make sports more enjoyable for kids, but it also helps foster a growth mindset. 

This printable growth manifesto is a great visual tool for parents, coaches, and children to help stay in the right mindset.

Growth Mindset printable poster athletes kids big life journal



A Set of Printables for Your Child's Dream Board

One way to help our children make their dreams and aspirations real is by creating a dream board. These are two printables for your child's dream board. The first one is illustrated notes with growth mindset messages. The second one is a planner they can use to brainstorm WHAT they should put on their dream board. 

A set of dream board printables for children


A Set of "Things I CAN Already Do" Worksheets 

Next time your child is worried he won’t be able to accomplish a task, remind him of all the things he can do using an "I CAN" can/jar. Print these worksheets and allow your child to fill in the blanks. Help him brainstorm, but allow him to come up with suggestions of his own as well. Put the strips in a can/jar, and have your child add more strips any time he learns a new skill or conquers a new challenge.



The "My Great Grit Interview" Worksheet

Your child can interview grandparents, neighbors, or other acquaintances who have worked hard toward a long-term goal. He can use this worksheet to ask questions and draw a picture of the interviewee. It’s helpful for kids to understand that even adults can mess up, but then try again and ultimately solve a problem or reach a goal.

Grit interview template for children


Family Experience Calendar

Use this printable to have a fun night planning out the experieces for the whole year! Research shows that if you're going to spend money, then doing so on things that will allow you to be with others is more likely to make you happy. By giving experiences, not only will you have less clutter to manage, you'll be creating more opportunities for growth, character-building, and togetherness.

Family experience calendar template


"My Wish List" Worksheet

This printable is a fun way to get children to think about what they want to have, want to read, need to have, and also what they want to GIVE. This printable encourages children to think beyond themselves. 

My wish list template for children


TOP 75 Growth Mindset Books for Children & Adults

One easy way to help children develop a growth mindset is to introduce them to books which promote persistence, love of learning, learning from mistakes, and other key growth mindset ideas. Here's a list of our favorite and most popular books which do just that. 


TOP 50 Growth Mindset Movies and Videos for Children

Movies are a great tool for character development. They can explain important life lessons and help reinforce messages we're trying to teach our children.  We put together a list of great movies with characters who demonstrate a growth mindset and qualities like grit, perseverance, courage, determination, and others. 

A list of 50 growth mindset movies 

"Persistence is My Superpower" Worksheet

This printable has powerful affirmations about being resilient.

It can serve as an effective daily reminder for your kids of their incredible power to stay persistent. Ask them to fill in the last two affirmations to make it more personal. 

Growth Mindset statements printable kids big life journal

"All About My Interests" Worksheet

There are various questionnaires designed to help you identify a child’s passions. You can also use our printable "All About My Interests". 

While your child is working on the printable, have a conversation with them about it. This discussion will give you valuable insights into their interests.

For example, if they selected a historical figure as a famous person they would like to meet, you could dig deeper by asking why

Al about my interests kids printable activity classroom Big Life Journal

"My Fortune Teller" Activity

Social anxiety is one of the most common problems that prevents children from adopting a growth mindset. It is one of the main reasons kids are afraid to fail or make mistakes.

Your child will have fun making this activity while learning new coping strategies to help with social anxiety. 

coping strategies activity anxiety kids printable big life journal

"My Mindfulness Bingo" Activity

Practicing mindfulness techniques can help children change their mindset from a FIXED mindset to a GROWTH mindset. How to encourage your children to try some of these activities? Invite them to complete My Mindfulness BINGO! Your child will have fun coloring in the boxes while practicing being present and in the moment using mindfulness.

Mindfulness bingo activity kids printable big life journal

Kindness Coloring Sheets

Kindness can be learned like any other skill. It seems like such a simple quality, but unless we teach children to be kind, it won't become an integral part of their being. Use these coloring sheets as a fun kindness activity for your kids or students.

Kindness coloring sheets printable kids big life journal



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Angel Morrison
Sellersburg, IN

Love these printables!

Just recently started getting the printables and already my daughter absolutely loves them!!! Can't wait to order the book!

New Orleans, Louisians

Excellent parenting tool

I purchased my first set when my nine year old started counseling. These pages have been incredibly helpful in helping her understanding and organized her thoughts and feelings; and helping me understand her thoughts and what causes her anxiety. Great tools for helping her self-calm and become more independent in self-soothing.

Nancy Schliesman
Knoxville Tn


These products are absolutely amazing. Easy to use and my students love to do the worksheets. It’s a short week so I will be distributing the kindness bingo with a note for a special treat when completed between Thanksgiving and when we break for Christmas and New Years For my eager beavers who complete the bingo early they will get a copy of the 7 Day Gratitude Journal. And when we return after New Years we will star on Making 2018 a Growth Mindset Year! Nancy