Growth Mindset New Year Kit (PDF)

Growth Mindset New Year Kit (PDF)


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This set of 15 printable worksheets is designed to help your child set their new year up for success!

Growth mindset prompts will guide them to reflect on 2017 and plan their 2018. This kit provides unique and engaging growth mindset activities for children right before or during their holiday break.

Print two sets of worksheets (one for you and one for your child) and complete them together while sitting by the fire or sipping hot cocoa at the kitchen table. The writing prompts are guaranteed to spark interesting and deep conversations! This will be the memory your child will never forget.

This kit can also be used in a classroom at the beginning of the next semester. 


These printables are for non-commercial use only. This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation. Title and ownership of all prints remain with Big Life Journal. 


My Wonderful 2017

Your child will have fun reflecting back on this year and writing down what they learned, a new thing they tried and the mistake they learned the most from. There's also space to write down their favorite book, song, and place of 2017. 

I Haven't Learned YET! 

This printable is a great way to practice the "not yet" growth mindset technique. It also includes a goal ladder, which is an effective visiual tool for goal-setting.

In The New Year 

Let your child plan and get excited about what they will learn, practice, get better at, work hard at, and read about in 2018! 


New Things I Will Try in 2018

Trying new things is a great way to develop a growth mindset. Use this printable to brainstorm activities, places, and foods your child wants to try in the new year.

12 Things I Want To Learn in 2018 

Have your child dream of twelve things they want to learn in 2018. Prompt them to think of things outside of what they will learn at school or homeschool. For example, you can ask them what they want to learn while helping you around the house or while taking a trip somewhere. 

My Holiday Kindness Bingo

This is a fun and very engaging activity which can be done by the entire family. Don't forget to include the grandparents too! This bingo promotes kindness and prompts children to exercise empathy. 

Books I Will Read in 2018

Let your child plan their new year's reading list! 

Books I Will Read in 2018 - 2  

This printable is more suitable for older children or even adults. Use it yourself to set an example for your child. 

Growth Mindset Book List

Pick a few books from this reading list to promote growth mindset thinking. The online version of this list is available here

5 Things I Can Do 

This printable has a great list of ideas your child can implement to start practicing compassion, kindness, helping others and the world. 

My 2018 Plan To Make A Difference In The World

It's long proven that happiness is directly correlated with giving and helping others. Let your child feel the joy of giving and making a difference for other people and the planet. 

Coloring Sheet "2018 Is My Growth Mindset Year"

Coloring Sheet "I Will Try New Things In 2018"

Coloring Sheet "I Will Achieve My Goals In 2018"


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Lynne S

Amazing Products!

Everything I have used from the "Big Journal" has been wonderful. The kids love filling out their journals and I love watching them grow! I cannot say enough good things about these creative resources!


Growth Mindset New Year Kit for 2018

This is a great kit with wide-ranging materials. I can use them with my students in a variety of ways. We can build goals for the new year, incorporate growth mindset into literacy, and continue building skills for positive thinking and the power of YET. Thank you for making this beautiful resource!



I absolutely love this product for all children. It’s a very creative and impactful way to foster a growth mindset. Thank you for your innovation!

Louise Olivato
South Africa

Brilliantly put together , Outstanding results

We did this as a whole school project and the children loved it, tthwy particularly enjoyed goal setting activities!! Thank you thank you!!! Keep the projects coming we loving thwm down here in sunny South Africa

Nora Rogers
Greensboro, NC


I can’t wait to use all of these materials with my 2 young kids! I can’t wait to use all of these items!! Truly Amazing!!