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Big Life Journal Ebook (PDF)

Big Life Journal Ebook (PDF)

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This is a printable PDF version of the Big Life Journal. It is over 200 pages packed with stories, poems, illustrations, and writing prompts. The journal is broken down into 26 weeks (covers six months) and each week covers one of the themes:

Make a Difference in the World
Dream Big
Follow Your Heart
You Are Not What You Have
Believe in Yourself
Take Action
Be Persistent
Effort is Key
Love Learning
Be Mindful
Be Grateful
Failure is Learning
Be Positive

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Plus a gift!

You will also receive our exclusive gift - growth mindset coloring sheets (printable PDF).

It is perfect for giving your kids something to color AND helping them develop a growth mindset!

These sheets are the key GROWTH MINDSET affirmations: 

- Challenges make me stronger
- Mistakes help me learn
- I grow my brain by learning hard things
- I can always improve
- When I work hard I get better