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Growth Mindset Poster

Growth Mindset Poster

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The poster is a growth mindset manifesto for kids. It says:

"I have a growth mindset. I am in charge of how smart I am because I can grow my brain like a muscle by learning hard things. I can achieve anything with effort and right strategies. And even if I fail or make a mistake, it is a great thing because I can learn from them and I get better!" 

It is printed on a high-quality eggshell card stock (non-glossy). The poster size is 11'' x 17'' or 28 x 43 cm. Frame is not included.

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Plus a gift!

You will also receive our exclusive gift - growth mindset coloring sheets (printable PDF).

This is perfect for giving your kids something to color AND helping them develop a growth mindset!

These sheets are the key GROWTH MINDSET affirmations: 

- Challenges make me stronger
- Mistakes help me learn
- I grow my brain by learning hard things
- I can always improve
- When I work hard I get better