Kindness Challenge for Children (A Fun Printable Activity)

Kindness Challenge for Children (A Fun Printable Activity)

As parents and teachers, we want our children and students to become kind and giving adults. 

A great way to practice kindness is to volunteer your time and skills. Our Act of Kindness Challenge is designed to do just that!

It's a wonderful opportunity for children to practice giving to their community. In this challenge, they will choose an organization that does good in the world (a charity or local library, for example) and "volunteer" to design a t-shirt for their supporters.

This activity will put them in the mood of giving. Then, they will be asked to brainstorm what else they can do to help the chosen organization. 

This Act of Kindness Challenge is designed to help children:

  • think outside of themselves
  • give time to others "just because" (and feel good about it)
  • learn that they can make a big impact at any age

Encourage your child or students to take on this fun challenge! It’s available in our Kindness & Community Kit PDF  along with other engaging kindness-related activities. And be sure to check out the 29 Books and Activities That Teach Kindness to Children.

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