Big Life Journal for Kids

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This journal can help your child develop a growth mindset.

Growth Mindset Can Transform Your Child


The Big Life Journal teaches character building, builds relationships and inspires children to have a larger vision.

Jennifer Ure Brimhall

I passionately love this journal. It's such a beautiful and meaningful way to create lasting memories and a growth mindset for your tiny human!

Ryan Breen

We've been captivated by the sweet images and the motivational quotes. We LOVE our journal and can't wait to open it each week!

Mallory Crain

The journal teaches life skills necessary for success like persistence, taking action, and self-belief.

The Big Life Journal inspires kids to dream big and go after their dreams.


The Big Life Journal is the perfect guidebook for parents to learn teaching points, and for kids to put them in action.

Steve Silvestro

The Big Life Journal is perfect for children of all ages - teaching them to dream big, talk about their feelings and chronicle what's going on in their life, one fun activity at a time

Mike Cruse

As a 5th grade special education teacher, this journal is the perfect guidebook to help navigate my students to be more confident learners.

Charlotte Evans

The journal inspires kids with stories.

It also teaches about gratitude, mindfulness, and helping others.

Research shows numerous benefits for kids who learn mindfulness.

Your child will experience the numerous benefits of journaling.

Kids who journal are less stressed, more creative, and master self-expression.

"This journal completely transformed the relationship with my daughter"

Christine Santos

The journal inspires deep, thoughtful conversations.