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What is the Big Life Journal?

At Big Life Journal, we believe that by providing parents, teachers, therapists, counselors, and other providers with the right tools and resources, we can help them raise confident, resilient, and growth minded children who will achieve great things in life.

Our mission is truly to empower parents and providers to help children foster confidence, resilience, and ambition to achieve greatness in life.


Alexandra Eidens
Founder & CEO

Carla Kohn
Director of Operations 

Kate Kolesar
Sr. Creative Producer

Micole Alkabes 
Creative Director 

KJ Althoff
Director of Content

Laura Maloney
Special Projects Lead

Laura Hernandez
Operations Manager 

Martha McQuaid
Customer Support Manager

Thays Silva Knight
Social Media Manager

Vanessa Wright
Special Projects Associate

Marjorie Stordeur
Creative Content Writer

Nandini Priya Rabelli
Content Writer

Denise Gazal
Social Media Associate

Liz O'Brien
Parent Educator 

Summer Wood
Outreach Associate

Glory Basher