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Big Life Journal for Tweens & Teens (ages 11+)

$26.50 USD

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This beautifully designed, science-based journal helps tweens and teens develop a resilient, growth mindset so they can grow into confident, happy adults.

The Big Life Journal - Tween & Teen Edition helps tweens and teens to:

  • discover the power of their brain and mindset
  • understand they are in charge of their own lives and happiness
  • turn their negative self-talk into positive and empowering
  • practice setting goals
  • learn to overcome challenges and setbacks

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If you're interested in incorporating the journal into your homeschool or classroom, check out the Teaching Guide.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 243 reviews
Melanie G.
Amazing journals for our community!

These amazing journals will be used as part of our self-harm packs and our suicide bereavement boxes to help young people manage their well-being and support their mental health.

We work to prevent suicides as resources like these can help young people manage their emotions. The Big Life Journals are of amazing quality, colorful, and age-appropriate. The detailed activities and the variety of pages within the book, really do mean the books are suitable for all.

Rachel W.
Incredible journals and donation!

The Big Life journal was an incredible donation to receive! The children and young people were overjoyed with their items, and we were all impressed with the content. We are going to distribute them to the families we support, especially our Siblings Group, who will benefit the most.

Terrie I.
Excellent Journals!

The Big Life Journal is of excellent quality, the design being hardback and with full-colour pages. Our students take pride in owning a journal and taking care of it, too.

The journals are fun to complete and allow our students to engage with topics and examine thoughts and feelings they would typically avoid.

Katie M.
A valuable resource!

The Big Life journals are a valuable resource that we are very grateful to have received. Using the journals will help improve our KS3 students' resilience and self-worth.

Journals are going to be used in small group interventions with yr7 and 8 students who we feel have low self-esteem or lack resilience. We hope that working through the journals with a member of staff and peers will build resilience and improve their self-worth.

Samantha M.
Recommended resource for young people!

We held an evening session discussing the cadets wellbeing, with a specific topic of healthy habits. Each cadet and staff member were presented with a Big Life Journal to help them support their personal journeys to better their emotional, physical and mental wellbeing.

The cadets and staff alike were really pleased with their journals and as we carry on with our wellbeing sessions we will be using the journals as a reference point to help us investigate and get new methods and ways to support not only our young people, but also our adult volunteers too!

Fantastic support and communication. Would definitely recommend to other people, especially those working with young people!

This inviting guided journal is easy to use and carry—no matter where your tween or teen might go—and durable enough to last as a keepsake.

- Beautiful, sturdy hardcover
- 160 pages of high-quality paper
- Lays flat when opened for easy writing

Packed with thought-provoking questions, exercises, inspiring quotes, and stories, the journal lets them work independently to discover empowering insights for themselves.

It includes 5 chapters filled with engaging artwork, interesting stories, growth mindset activities, inspiring quotes, and more. 

Chapter 1 - It All Starts Here

Discover the power of your mind and learn about different types of mindsets.

Chapter 2 - Exploring You

Do some fun activities to discover your true interests.

Chapter 3 - Dreaming Up Your Life

Let your imagination run completely free as you’re dreaming about your future and your ideal life.

Chapter 4 - From Dreams to Reality

Discover tools and tips on how to turn your dreams into reality.

Chapter 5 - The Key to Success
Learn how to persist through challenges and difficult times in order to reach your goals.

Big Life Journal - Teen Edition is a research-based journal.

Download HERE the complete list of all the books, research materials, and studies that went into the journal. 

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