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Back-to-School Free Printable Care Package

Back-to-School Free Printable Care Package

We understand that trying to juggle running a household, raising children, and adding work stress on top of everything else is overwhelming — we’re here to support you through this with our exclusive FREE Big Life Journal Back-to-School Care Package.

Click to DOWNLOAD the printable Back-to-School Care Package. 

Back to School Care Package (PDF)

Developed with the help of a child development specialist, you’ll find tons of ideas and tools for both parents and children on everything from setting up at-home learning spaces, helping children combat loneliness, and helping children keep “teacher you” and “parent you” separate. You’ll also find useful calming exercises and ideas, including guided breathing prompts, to help you and your children refocus and reset.


Don’t forget to DOWNLOAD the printable Back-to-School Care Package. 


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