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11 Growth Mindset Videos for Children

11 Growth Mindset Videos for Children

We can help our children and students become more confident, resilient, and successful by teaching the power of growth mindset. Growth mindset videos engage children and help them more easily understand this important concept.
We’ve put together a list of growth mindset videos that inform and inspire with simple examples, colorful animation, and a few catchy songs.

If your child has a Big Life Journal, we also recommend the Big Life Journal Buddies video series to make the journaling experience even more meaningful and memorable. The 22-episode video series introduces Buddie, your child’s journal buddy and growth mindset mentor!

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1. You Can Learn Anything

This short, inspiring clip from Khan Academy explains no one is born smart, however, we are born to learn. It highlights important mindset shifts we can all make. For example, failing is growing and every wrong answer makes your brain a little bit stronger. It’s great for a quick moment of motivation and inspiration!

2. Growth Mindset Video

This appropriately titled growth mindset video for children starts with a discussion of Steve Jobs. He initially struggled in school and dropped out of college before going on to start some of the world’s most successful and influential businesses. And it’s because he had a growth mindset! The video then explains how you can train your brain to get smarter, like a muscle. It briefly introduces the concept of neurons and then gives child-friendly tips on training your brain. The most important tip of all? Don’t give up!

3. Kids Can Too

In this TedX Talk, 8-year-old Noah Martinez shares the inspiring story of how he started his own business at the age of seven. Noah points out children are often placed in a box, with limits on what they’re capable of accomplishing. Instead, Noah says, imagine a world where children believe they can accomplish anything they put their mind to—because they truly can, regardless of age.

4. Sesame Street: Janelle Monae-Power of Yet

Janelle Monae sings about the Power of Yet in a fun growth mindset video clip from Sesame Street. Several Sesame Street characters make mistakes, including Cookie Monster, who is disappointed when he burns his cookies. They express fixed mindset beliefs, like, “I’ll never get it right!” Enter Janelle Monae, who sings, “You didn’t get it yet, but you’ll make it soon I bet.” Other encouraging lyrics include, “Just breathe, don’t lose control; keep trying and you’ll reach your goal!”

5. The Mojo Show

Created by Class Dojo, The Mojo Show is actually a five-episode video series. Children will love watching the struggles and triumphs of Mojo, a cute animated character. Each video in the series highlights the power of growth mindset and how children can develop this superpower. Topics include the magic of mistakes, neurons, the power of yet, and the brain’s similarity to a muscle. Each video is accompanied by a discussion guide and take-home questions to get parents involved too. Plus, you’ll find several lesson and activity ideas to deepen children’s understanding of growth mindset.

6. Failures are the Pillars of Success

Featuring the failures of Michael Jordan, Walt Disney, and Steve Jobs, this video shows everyone experiences failure. Even more importantly, these failures can lead to success if we persist. The video also includes inspirational quotes about failure from each famous person, such as Michael Jordan’s statement, “I’ve failed over and over again in my life…that is why I succeed.”

7. Video clip from The Human Body

This growth mindset video clip from the BBC documentary The Human Body provides a helpful analogy to illustrate neuroplasticity. The clip explains how establishing new neural pathways between brain cells is like gradually building a bridge to cross a ravine. The first trip across is the most difficult, but the process becomes easier and easier over time. Eventually, crossing the ravine (or using a new skill) is effortless.

8. Developing a Growth Mindset

Two seeds are planted on the same day in the same soil. Although one of the seeds is fearful and remains stagnant, the other demonstrates curiosity, optimism, and a desire to reach the outside world. After capturing children’s attention with this animated story, the video goes on to explain the difference between a growth mindset and a fixed mindset. Learning is a big adventure, with plenty of challenges and obstacles along the way!

9. The Power of Yet with Gromo and Friends

Frankie is a young learner who faces challenges, then struggles with her inner “critical critter” in this animated growth mindset video clip. Luckily, she meets Gromo, a friendly growth mindset monster, who coaches her with the power of yet and the importance of courage in developing her abilities. The video is for children, but parents and teachers can also learn some coaching tips from the wise Gromo!

10. Brain Jump with Ned the Neuron

Neurons are personified as adorable, animated characters in this short and simple growth mindset video for children. Ned, a weightlifting neuron, is the star. Children will learn about how challenges grow and strengthen their brains. The more difficult the challenge, the more our brains can grow.

11. Developing a Growth Mindset! Dr. Nagler’s Laboratory

This informative and entertaining video opens with Dr. Nagler celebrating a failed experiment. When his young assistant asks, “Why are you celebrating? Didn’t you just mess up?”, Dr. Nagler explains, “I just discovered another way that doesn’t work! And I learned something in the process!” He’s proud he didn’t give up and he’s excited about growing a lot of neurons. Throughout the video, the young assistant represents common misconceptions about mistakes and failure and Dr. Nagler gently corrects him. He also offers growth mindset tips, like “talking to your brain” to figure out the best learning style and learning strategies for you.

With these growth mindset videos, your children or students will understand and internalize the concept of growth mindset. As a result, they will have the confidence to try new things and persist through tough challenges.

To continue learning, browse our lists of growth mindset YouTube channels and growth mindset movies. If you find videos and movies are a great way for your child to learn valuable skills, try our other film recommendations too, like our movies about kindness list!

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