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Jayla Makes Flying Dogs a Dream Come True

Jayla Makes Flying Dogs a Dream Come True

In this episode, Jayla, a Big Life Kid from Georgia in the United States, tells us about her dreams of becoming a published author and how she took small steps towards her BIG goal. Meanwhile, Zara and Leo tackle a rare and deadly species... their carpet.


Do you want your growth mindset story to be featured on the Big Life Kids Podcast? Submit your story to Leo & Zara. 

In this episode, children will:

  • be inspired by Jayla, a young girl who aspires to be an author
  • discover practical ways to work towards your biggest goals
  • create a Bucket List Poster to motivate them to achieve their goals

Discussion Questions

  • Jayla dreams of becoming an author. What sorts of stories does she write?
  • What steps has Jayla taken towards her goal of becoming an author?
  • What goals are you planning to add to your Bucket List Poster?

    Supplemental Resources



    • SOAR (an animated short)
      A young girl makes a plan to help a tiny pilot fly home.
    • Kiwi (Pixar Short Film)
      A flightless bird stays persistent towards achieving his goal of flying.
    • Queen of Katwe (PG)
      The true story of a young girl in Uganda who worked towards her goal of becoming a chess champion.

        1. Make a "My Rocket Goal" (in our Podcast Season 3 & 4 Activity Kit). This activity helps your child break down their big goal into manageable steps. As they complete each step, they move the cloud down so they can see their progress and see how far they’ve come! It’s a great resource for children who feel intimidated by a big goal.

        2. Play Three Stars and a Wish. List three "stars" or things you already do well. Discuss how you became good at these "stars." Then list one "wish" or something you would like to improve on. This "wish" can be your new goal! (Read more about this activity HERE)

        3. Listen to Episode 6 to discover "The Power of YET." This exercise reminds children that even if they haven't done something before, they can still give it a go.



          Produced by Alexandra Eidens and Big Life Journal team. Written and directed by Sarah Cyrano. Sound design and original music by Elettra Bargiacchi. Sound mixing by Mattia Marcelli. Characters played by Sean Chiplock and Ryan Bartley. Managed by Laura Maloney. 


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