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Purchase this kit or join GrowthMinded and easily find a resource for your child's exact needs, whether it's boosting their confidence, resolving sibling fights, or addressing disrespectful behavior. We collected our popular printables, exclusive print-free activities, and parenting scripts inside GrowthMinded. Now, finding what you need is super easy!

The Sibling Kit offers over 40 pages of activities, games, posters, and interactive experiences for your children to do together (optimal for ages 5-12 but can engage younger or older siblings).
This collection of printables will help your children improve their relationship with each other by offering two areas of focus:

  • Activities to build a stronger sibling relationship.
  • Activities to troubleshoot common sibling conflicts. 

Your children will deepen their connection and enjoyment of each other with bonding activities to develop shared kindness, trust, friendship, and teamwork. 

They will also discover new strategies to peacefully resolve conflict together by reviewing topics of fairness, boundaries, competition, emotional recognition and more.

All activities are accompanied by helpful guides, to ensure your children understand the importance and relevance of each topic to their relationship. 

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed. 

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Samantha C.

We love it!

Really loved all the activities, my kids are younger (4 + 6 + 2) so having the games and activities sprinkled through out some of the wordier parts kept them interested and wanting to know what was next! My personal favorite would have to the part about “is it fair or is it equal” having three kids, i heard “that’s not fair” about a million times a day now I might still hear it once or twice but I also hear them start discussing the fact that just bc it’s not equal, doesn’t mean it isn’t fair. They’ve started to notice (with out me having to explain) that each kid is different and needs different things so fair doesn’t always mean equal! So huge for us they also loveeee picking things from their Sibling Jar or Fun pretty much everyday! I framed the posters and we often reference them throughout the day, great reminders and I love hearing them encouraging each other instead of making it a competition, I had tired many ways to teach them these concepts but the Sibling kit turned the lessons into games and got it to really be fun and stick with them Thank you so much! We’ve since bought a couple more of the challenge kits and can’t wait to keep growing together!

A Big Life Journal Customer

Great kit for family and friends

My kids have a big age gap, but I still found this to be a great kit to help build a strong bond, compassion and kindness towards each other. I also found many of the pages useful for relationships with friends and extended family and even people at school my child might not have the best interactions with. There are tools for all variety of relationships.

Krista R.


We’ve found this kit to be very helpful in a few different ways. Our son who’s the oldest has autism and so both kids are extremely different with different needs. And while they have 3.25 yeas difference between them, we find that intellectually, they are so close in age. This kit has helped us and the kids to both see that everything doesn’t have to be the same or equal or fair in the way they were seeing it. Equal and fair don’t mean each getting the same all the time. It’s also really helped my daughter to meet her brother where he is. She understands his brains uniqueness and how he sees things very differently. And his communication style….which is very different than hers. It’s also helped him to respect her boundaries which are very different than his. Lol All in all we are very happy with the progress made with having purchased this kit and definitely recommend!

A Big Life Journal Customer
Karen B.

Great Creative Ideas

Love the creativity of the content! Taking the concepts and breaking them into movement based activities, reflection activities, art-based activities, and more makes it easy to keep going with and not feel repetitive.

Stephanie T.
United States United States

Sibling kit

I used this kit for 3 of my sibling clients last summer and felt that it got us on the right path. I'm planning on using it again for 2 of the siblings who are still struggling, but this will definitely help!

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