Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)

Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)


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A printable set of worksheets highlighting famous people from around the world who have failed and struggled on their way to success.

These growth mindset handouts are designed to assist parents and educators, at home or in the classroom, in helping kids overcome the fear of failure.overlap.

Fear of failure is a hallmark of a FIXED mindset and often contributes to the child shying away from trying new things or taking on a challenge. By not fearing failure, children are one step closer to having a GROWTH mindset and living a big life!


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This kit includes:

  • 10 worksheets with stories of famous people who experienced failure/struggle
  • A reflection page for each story
  • A list of successful people for further learning 
  • A companion template worksheet which can be used by the child to capture the learnings from the previous list


The story of each famous person can be used to begin a discussion with your child about what it takes to overcome the fear of failure in various settings: at the dinner table, while traveling on vacation, during bedtime reading, etc. It can also be used in conjunction with the SUCCESS ICEBERG poster (also available as PDF).

At the end of the kit, the list of other successful famous people and companion template worksheet are a great tool for self-directed learning (research) by the child.

Either alone or assisted by a parent/teacher, the child chooses from the list someone they find interesting. The child then investigates the person's story learning about times when they failed or struggled and their eventual success.

By filling in the template themselves, the child begins to internalize the understanding that failure and struggle is not something to fear, and in most cases, is necessary for success. 

Plus A Gift 

You will also receive eight Growth Mindset Coloring Sheets as a GIFT with your order!

Note: these sheets are emailed separately to the email address you use to make your purchase.

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Phoebe F.
New Zealand

Student mistakes are awesome

My students thought it was awesome. They enjoyed reading about successful people who saw failure as a step needed to be taken. I want them to see that mistakes are learning moments and this hopefully will show them that we all need to fail to succeed. Thanks

Wendy W.
United Kingdom

Fab famous failures

It's a real help to show young people we can all achieve

Leauriy P.
United States

Famous Failures who didn't get stopped

I loved having famous people who our interns (with developmental disabilities) may be familiar with and see that they are not the only people who experience difficulties in life. That many people are able to overcome barriers and be successful if they just keep at it.

Cheryl M.
New Zealand

Famous failures

It is a fantastic resource and helps make those real-life links.

Ana L.
United States

Famous failures

It is a great product.

Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)
Famous Failures Kit PDF (ages 5-14)

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