Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)

Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)


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This printable kit contains 25 time-tested activities (59 pages in total) designed to help kids develop a growth mindset and key life skills.

These activities have detailed child-friendly instructions with graphics and photos, so they can be done with minimum involvement from adults. 

It's great for ages 4 and above.

These brain-building activities and games include movement, art, crafts, music, and breath. They engage multiple senses to accommodate different learning styles. 
With this kit, kids will practice creativity, problem-solving, resilience, learning from mistakes, trying new things, goal-setting, overcoming challenges, managing emotions, mindfulness, and gratitude.

This kit is perfect for home, a classroom, an activity studio, or a day camp. Use it on sunny days, rainy days, during school breaks, holidays, and on days when you or your kids need a special growth mindset boost!  


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What's in The Kit?  


This kit includes 25 time-tested activities which help kids develop a growth mindset and key life skills

1. Big Life Adventure Calendar 

The kit includes fun and colorful blank calendar pages so that kids can create their own adventure calendar for a school break or for the entire year. They will practice goal-setting and planning. 

2. Super Power of YET! Comic Strip

Kids will learn about their power of YET (they can't do something YET). This activity also boosts creativity and story-telling skills.

power of yet comic strip

3. Let’s Innovate!

By solving fun challenges, kids will practice problem-solving, creative thinking and perseverance. They will also find that there are often many solutions to one problem.

4. 5-Step Problem Solving (+ accompanying guide for parents)

With these printable cards, kids will learn 5 essential steps to problem-solving. 

Problem-solving printable kids

5. Brain-Building Nature Crafts

Kids will explore outdoors and use their imagination. This fun activity will engage their multiple senses: touch, sight, hearing, and smell and it's great for their brain development and creativity.

6. Growth Mindset Story Stones

This fun activity will help kids practice their problem-solving and story-telling skills, exercise their creativity, and expand vocabulary.

growth mindset story stones printable activity kids

7. "I Am a Helper" Jar

Kids will practice kindness by helping others.  

8. High Five Treasure Hunt

This fun treasure hunt will help kids practice problem-solving and communication skills. Play it anytime when someone needs a confidence boost!

9. "I Spy A Growth Mindset" Game

A fun cooperative game which encourages players to use growth mindset way of thinking when approaching difficult situations.

10. My Emotions Fan

With this fun activity, kids will exercise their creativity and learn more about different types of emotions!

Emotions kids

11. Obstacle Course

This challenging and super fun activity will help them exercise creativity, problem-solving, and communication skills.

12. Ocean Breathing

This calm breathing activity will help kids quiet their mind and feel relaxed any time of the day. If they do it regularly, they will also get better at learning and even become healthier.

13. Toss & Talk Ball Game

This ball game is a great way to build communication skills, boost confidence, and get everyone moving.

14. Let’s Chat Game

A fun game which helps develop strong communication and social skills.

game activity communication kids connection

15. Dive Into a Growth Mindset

This is a fun way to enjoy the warm weather while learning positive affirmations! This energizing activity will remind everyone of their amazing abilities to learn, grow, and get better.

16. Big Life Karaoke or Dance Party

Dancing and singing boosts confidence, creativity, and can help kids make new friends. Tune to the special Growth Mindset playlist created by Big Life Journal. 

17. Gratitude Alphabet Game

Practicing gratitude makes kids more confident, healthy, and even helps them sleep better.

18. Self-Love and Gratitude Bubbles

Kids will practice deep breathing which can calm them down and make them feel better. Moving their bodies and changing location can do wonders for their mood! 

19. Nature Kitchen

Kids will use their imagination and creative skills to come up with all sorts of fun nature “foods” and “soups” for their nature kitchen.

20. My Big Life Bucket List

Kids will practice setting goals, organization, and planning. They can create a bucket list of things to do during the school year, over the summer, or before they turn a certain age.

21. My Adventures in Nature Bingo

A fun activity to practice goal-setting and mindfulness. 

22. Weekly Sunshine Report

An activity which boosts self-esteem, confidence, and self-love in a big way! Kids will also learn to be more kind and attentive to each other.  

kindness activity kids

23. Growth Mindset books

A list of top 85 growth mindset books.  

24. Growth mindset movies

Kids will have fun choosing movies they want to watch from our curated list. We also included discussion questions for when the movie is over and it's time to talk about what they learned. 

25. My Special Memories Tree

A fun and creative activity which can be used to set goals (for the summer or entire year, for example) or to record special memories.

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New York, NY


Can't wait to use these activities!!

Cheryl P.
United States

Fantastic resource

The children really enjoy coloring the sheets. I use the quotes in the classroom's newsletter.☺

Angie W.
New Zealand

Summer fun

I loved doing the activity kit with my family for the summer. It was hard to get them to do them all without being pushy but the ones we did were so fun. I enjoyed being able to easily talk about emotions and scenarios when we did the emotions fan. It is such a beautiful product. Thank you so much!

Libbie I.

Awesome product!!!

The kids I work with with Autism love this... the journal and the worksheets are fantastic!

richard r.
United Kingdom

all the big life activities

all the big life activities are insightful and meaningful for children and parents.

Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)
Growth Mindset Activity Kit PDF (ages 4-10)

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