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Big Life Journal is the international direct-to-consumer publisher and producer of mindset development tools and products for children, parents, educators and child wellness practitioners.

We are seeking a personable non-union actor-mom to create Parenting Tips Reels based on our wildly popular Instagram carousels and stories. See

If you are a confident and relatable mom with a child between 5 — 12 years old, articulate in English, AND can sincerely deliver growth mindset parenting tips to our amazing audience, please send a quick 1-minute audition tape.

Please record yourself delivering Part 1 of this script. It should be in vertical / Reels format and clock in at about 1 minute. Your delivery should be candid and casual. Something in a home setting with good light and you just being your authentic self. (Of course we would not publish your audition self-tape without compensation or consent.)

Please do not email your video file. Instead, upload it online at any number of free video hosting options and send that link, please. We will not download and watch video files — submissions must be via link to view online. (YouTube has unlisted video options. permits free video hosting. etc, etc.)

Note that we are not looking for collaborations with social media 'influencers' expecting to drive traffic to their own profiles.  

Email the link of your audition video to: production <at> biglifejournal <dot> com

The sooner the better as we are casting right away.

No emails to our customer support email or social media accounts, please. They simply will not be able to assist you. Thank you for your cooperation and best wishes!