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My eight-year-old granddaughter lives halfway across the country. We do not get to be with each other as often as we would like. However, technology and The Big Life Journal have made communicating with my granddaughter much easier and more rewarding. Once a week my granddaughter and I connect on Face Time and journal together. We both look forward to our special time together and I am always amazed by my granddaughter’s thoughts and ideas, but last weeks conversation resulted in a wonderful discussion about equal versus respect.

The Big Life question was, if there was one thing that you could change in the world what would it be? It did not take my granddaughter long. She knew immediately what she would change. “I wish boys would stop making fun of girls. Boys think they are better than girls. I just want them to know girls are as good as boys.”

I am including a post on my blog, Bringing Up Nana about how The Big Life Journal has provided my Granddaughter and I the opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations that make the distance between us a little shorter. I would like permission to include a picture of the cover of The Big Life Journal with my post.


Jean Yarger