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Web TV Series + Big Life Journal for Kids E-book

$224.90 USD

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What's Inside the Bundle

Big Life Journal - 2nd Edition Ebook (PDF)

This is a printable version of the  Big Life Journal for Kids - 2nd Edition

In this growth mindset journal, children discover how to believe in themselves and face challenges with confidence. They learn that mistakes are opportunities to GROW and they can achieve anything when they're persistent

Important Note

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

It is 176 pages in total. The ebook can NOT be returned or exchanged once downloaded. 

Big Life Journal Buddies Web TV Series

Big Life Journal Buddies is a *NEW* Web TV Series that will boost your child's confidence and resilience and help them develop a growth mindset. 

This 22-episode Web TV Series is a companion to our wildly popular Big Life Journal for Kids. Your child will go through their Big Life Journal together with Buddie who will share her own personal stories and experiences of embracing a growth mindset.

Click play to watch the first episode.

These engaging Growth Mindset videos will help your child get the meaning of the journal while having fun! It's screen-time for your child you will feel good about!

Each 15-Minute Episode Covers a Topic in the Big Life Journal.

Buddie Guides Your Child on Topics That Include:

  • Learning from mistakes
  • Facing challenges with confidence 
  • Believing in themselves 
  • The power of perseverance 


“Buddie is a great growth mindset role model for children!” 

Monica Boomgard, Doctor of Education

"This is really a nice change from the cartoon universe and the dumbing down of our children. Emily played it repeatedly!"

Susan Doe, a parent

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Each license (purchase) is valid for one educator/classroom with 1-35 students in one classroom or one family.  These printables are for non-commercial use only.  This PDF file may not be distributed for free or for any form of compensation.  If you would like to use these printables as part of a class or practice you charge for, you must purchase a professional license.  Please reach out to for more information.

For complete terms of use, go HERE.

What ages is this journal good for?  

We recommend ages 7-10. 

What is the age recommendation for the series?

Big Life Journal Buddies! corresponds to the Big Life Journal for Kids — which is recommended for ages 7—10. 

Does my child need to have the Big Life Journal for Kids to watch this?

Yes, your child will need their own Big Life Journal for Kids - 2nd Edition to complete all the fun and educational exercises with Buddie and to get the most out of this Growth Mindset experience.

How is this content different from the journal?

This is a series of videos that expands the Growth Mindset experience of the Big Life Journal for Kids by partnering your child with a fun and dedicated Big Life Journal buddy. ‘Buddie’, the journal buddy, will guide your child through the Big Life Journal for Kids AND share even more special Growth Mindset stories and insights with your child. 

How many episodes are there? 

The complete series will consist of 22 episodes hosted by Buddie — your child’s dedicated journal buddy. Each of the 22 episodes corresponds to a ‘part’ of the Big Life Journal for Kids. The Introduction, the Chapter Parts, and a ‘What’s Next’ episode that shows children how to continue developing their Growth Mindset Super Power. 

Can we binge watch? Are all episodes available with my purchase?

After your purchase, several episodes will be immediately available for viewing. Then one new episode will be released each following Monday at 12:01am Eastern Time, New York, USA. You’ll receive an email notice when each new episode is released so your child doesn’t miss anything!.

How do we watch the series?

Big Life Journal Buddies! is available to watch on computer and mobile devices (and also via ‘mirroring’ or ChromeCasting to your Television screen). After purchasing the series through our U.S. or U.K. Big Life Journal websites, you will receive a Welcome email with your sign in details. PLUS a special ‘Hello’ message to your child from Buddie! Please note that due to digital delivery, receipt of your Welcome email with access details may be delayed by 3 to 5 minutes.

What if I have multiple children in my household?

Your purchase of Big Life Journal Buddies! makes the series available to all the children in your household! However, please note that each child in your home should have their own Big Life Journal for Kids to get the full experience and reward of the Growth Mindset adventure.

Can I purchase the series for my classroom or learning pod?

The products on our website are not intended for group or multiple household use. So please contact if you would like to purchase Big Life Journal Buddies! for group or multiple household use. Thank you.