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Growth Mindset Kit for Tweens/Teens - Professional License

$249.00 USD

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This is the Professional License version of our Growth Mindset Kit for Tweens/Teens. This license is for customers that wish to use this product in a school, organization, club, or as part of a class or practice that you charge for. Professional Licenses are valid for 1 year only and must be renewed if you wish to continue to use this product. See Terms of Use (below) for more details.

Our Growth Mindset Printable Kit for Teens and Tweens is a collection of reflective writing prompts, posters, activities, and coloring pages designed for ages 11 and above.

With this engaging kit (50 pages), your tween or teen will discover they can:

  • grow skills and develop talents
  • turn their self-deprecating thoughts into positive and empowering ones
  • learn from their mistakes
  • focus on solutions rather than problems
  • set goals to reach their dreams
  • be grateful for everything they've got
  • ...and much more! 

These activities are easy to print and suitable for use at home, in a classroom, or as part of homeschool.

The kit also contains valuable growth mindset handouts and guides for parents and teachers.

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

Click play to see what's inside.

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This kit includes approximately 50 digital pages that you can print at your convenience for use at home, in a classroom or as part of homeschool. Please note 15 pages in this kit overlap with the 2020 New Year Kit for ages 11+ (no longer available in the store).

This is a digital product. Nothing will be mailed.

Big Life Journal resources are protected by copyright and may only be used for personal use in your home.  All customers who wish to use Big Life Journal products as part of a school, organization, club, or as part of a class or private practice that you charge for must purchase a Professional License.

Professional Licenses are issued on a product-by-product basis and must be purchased for each Big Life Journal product individually.

Purchase of a Professional License grants you a right to use the product for one year limited to the purchasing school, club, chapter, or practice. The permitted usage includes printing copies or distribution online to students in a secure way only (Google Classroom, email, etc).

Public (digital or printed) distribution is not permitted. The product cannot be made available on any public websites or social media.

Each school within a school district must purchase its own license.

Professional Licenses will automatically renew 12 months after the initial purchase and will charge the payment method on file for the license renewal price. The renewal price is subject to change. The subscription can be canceled at any time before the renewal.

Upon license expiry or subscription cancellation, no use of the product is allowed in any capacity.

All purchases are final, no refunds will be issued.

For complete terms of use, go HERE.