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GrowthMinded Membership (7-Day Free Trial)

GrowthMinded is a new membership by Big Life Journal where you will be empowered and supported to raise strong, kind, successful, and fulfilled children who will shine their light into the world.

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  • $75 USD 7-Day Risk-Free Trial
  • $240 USD 7-Day Risk-Free Trial
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$75.00 USD

GrowthMinded is a digital membership by Big Life Journal. You may cancel at any time.

GrowthMinded is for you if you're:

  • feeling frustrated about not knowing how to help your child.
  • struggling to practice what you preach.
  • worrying if you're making parenting mistakes.
  • want to access resources that are proven to help.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 26 reviews
Abi Facey
Valuable Resource

We have been delighted with our copies of BLJ and subscription to resources which we have used with our beneficiaries aged 11 - 35. Utilising resources in sessions and being able to offer a journal as a take away has been a gift for all.

Guidance for parents and fun for kids all in one!

The resources available in GrowthMinded are so valuable. I’ve always been one to read all the parenting books and trying to learn all the things to “be the perfect mom” (I know … I know). But I never knew how to actually implement what I was learning. Insert GrowthMinded - a way for the parents to learn while also incorporating how to work with our kids. I wish this was something my parents had when I was a kid … so many “ah ha” moments that would have helped me in my childhood … I’m so glad to have these resources at my fingertips to provide for my kids!

Great resources

Growth Minded has allowed us to expand our resources. It's really added to the volunteers tool kit and made a difference to the children we support.

Kirsten Cobabe
Solid Support

Growth Minded is exactly as it sounds, it's about growth, which means awareness, accountability and action, along with empathy and embodiment. This platform and insight offered in a broad way is complimentary to my work with teens and parents. Thank you for being such a great resource.

KJ Althoff
One of the most POWERFUL parenting tools we've used!

GrowthMinded has been a game-changer for our family! The practical resources and expert guidance have transformed our parenting approach. The masterclasses cover important topics like building self-esteem and mastering screen-time management, making everyday challenges more manageable. Our family has seen significant improvements, and parenting is now more enjoyable. Highly recommend GrowthMinded for any parent!

We understand the overwhelming demands you face daily. We also know you want to do your best as a parent and raise happy, independent, and confident children.

Here are some of the exclusive member features you'll find inside GrowthMinded: 

- Easily find the best resources for your child and yourself in our searchable library of 400+ resources.
- Find answers fast with our 2-minute actionable parenting tip videos.
- Helpful parenting guides and one-page scripts.
- Access our popular pop-up community workshops.
- Support and ideas from the best parenting community out there.
- Feel supported throughout the year with our monthly themes, daily motivation, and live Q&As.

    Who is this membership for?

    Parents, teachers, and professionals who want to raise confident, resilient children.

    What ages is the content for?

    You’ll find resources and advice tailored for children under 5, 5-8, 9-12, and teens. You’ll also find resources and advice to help you improve your mindset as an adult.

    How do I get access?

    After you purchase, you’ll be emailed asking you to set your password. The first time you log in, you'll be asked a few questions to personalize your user experience.

    Can I use it on my mobile device?

    Yes, GrowthMinded is accessible on Mobile, Desktop, and Tablet devices.

    I don’t have a printer, can I still benefit from a membership?

    Yes! We have many " print-free " activities, including our parent guides, scripts, videos, and specific activities. You can also access the community channel chats, live events, masterclasses, and more.

    When does my free trial start?

    Your risk-free trial starts immediately after purchase. Your authorized membership payment will be processed on the 8th day and recur until canceled; Quarterly $75 and Yearly $240. 

    How do I cancel my membership?

    Go to your profile at the top, right corner of your GrowthMinded dashboard and select "Manage Subscription".

    Are there restrictions on how many PDF resources or videos I can access per day or month?