45 Fun Ideas for Kids' Summer Bucket List

45 Fun Ideas for Kids' Summer Bucket List

Summer means fun! It’s the perfect time for your kids to learn (and grow their brains), explore, and try new things.

Have your kids create My Big Life Summer Board and dream up everything they want to do! For ideas, use the 45 ideas for My Big Life Summer which includes activities for all ages, such as:

45 Ideas for Kid's Summer Bucket List

  1. Create My Big Life Summer Board
  2. Have a dance party
  3. Attend summer reading programs at library
  4. Play water balloons
  5. Do a random act of kindness
  6. Make mud kitchens
  7. Go canoeing
  8. Go on a nature walk
  9. Chase fireflies
  10. Stargaze at night
  11. Learn to ride a bicycle
  12. Attend a children’s theater production
  13. Hold a rock painting party and hide them around your neighborhood
  14. Run a lemonade stand
  15. Have a movie night
  16. Plant vegetables
  17. Visit a museum
  18. Create a comic strip
  19. Learn to swim
  20. Write a poem
  21. Listen to all Big Life Kids podcast episodes
  22. Write a book
  23. Learn to cook
  24. Explore local parks
  25. Go Kayaking or paddle boarding
  26. Have a nature scavenger hunt
  27. Write a letter
  28. Decorate your bedroom
  29. Build a fairy garden
  30. Go to an amusement park
  31. Go bowling
  32. Make affirmation bracelets
  33. Start learning a new language
  34. Make homemade popsicles
  35. Tie dye  shirts
  36. Play a new board or card game
  37. Volunteer as a family
  38. Do a science experiment
  39. Go to a farmer’s market
  40. Fly a kit
  41. Go camping
  42. Create a recipe
  43. Make a campfire
  44. Try a new fruit or vegetable
  45. Finish Big Life Journal

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  1. avatar Narinder Singh Rano says:


  2. avatar Tammy says:

    I like the comment “Fixed Mindset” vs. “Growth Mindset”. Would like to receive more from this site.

  3. avatar Melissa says:

    I love this idea!! Great suggestions for summer activities. My only observation is about 10 of the ideas require money or transportation—resources most of my students don’t have.

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