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15 Gifts for Middle School Boys

15 Gifts for Middle School Boys

Middle school is an exciting time for young men but can also be confusing as adults wonder about the lines between childhood and adolescence. Should you choose toys as gifts or find gift items that embrace and foster growth toward adulthood? While some middle schoolers will still enjoy action figures and LEGO sets, there is an opportunity to enhance gift-giving into new areas and interests. Here are 15 of the best gifts for middle school boys.

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Choose Age-Appropriate Gifts

Before choosing a gift, think about what goes on in the life of a middle schoolboy. For example, height and weight can change, leaving some young men feeling awkward and clumsy. While others become more in-tune with their fine and gross motor skills, helping them excel at sports.

At this age, children begin to understand the world's rules, including the power of influence. As a result, they can problem-solve better and start using planning skills more regularly. Peer pressure takes form and can become an issue for some. Middle school boys may become moody as they become more introspective and try to deal with emotions that become more intense with the influx of hormonal changes.

Empowering gifts for middle school boys big life journal.

Consider Hobbies and Interests

If you know your middle schooler's passions, gift-giving becomes easy. Think about traditional areas of interest, like comics, space exploration, and sports, to help get ideas flowing.

  • 1. The Comic Book Mystery Box by Cratejoy offers a sampling of 15 comic books each month. Some are vintage, some are new, and some are first issues. The box is an excellent way for your middle schooler to enjoy their favorites and branch out to discover new ones.

  • 2. Celestron Powerseeker Telescope is the perfect beginner telescope for star-struck middle school boys. The 70mm refractor telescope with glass optics in a lightweight frame is powerful enough for star viewing and the moon and planets.

  • 3. Sports Box Inc. offers subscription boxes for several sports, including baseball, softball, football, soccer, hockey, and basketball. Each box comes with a collection of snacks, gear, swag, and aids to help your middle school boy hone their skills.

Promote Physical Activity

Gifts for middle school boys should also get them out and moving. Focus on exercise and enjoying the outdoors for gifts middle schoolers will love.

Foster Problem-Solving Skills with Blocks and Building Materials

While blocks are a great starter toy for toddlers, as children age, their skill levels grow. LEGO sets foster growth with more complicated builds that force children to reach higher levels of engineering feats. Other STEM-minded kits can help your middle schooler nurture their love of building and problem-solving.

  • 7. LEGO has the ultimate Star Wars gift with their Imperial Light Cruiser. The 1,336-piece set provides hours of entertainment with a fabulous completed model to showcase. LEGO also has many other themes, including Harry Potter, Marvel, etc.

  • 8. Tinker Crate Engineering Three Pack provides three different activities focusing on friction, electricity, and hydraulics.

  • 9. MEL Science has a fun subscription providing your middle schooler with two to three experiments to delve into. In addition, the subscriptions include monthly live classes with tutors to help guide children.

Don't forget to download our FREE Personal & Family Values printable. These colorful cards will help your family explore values to can help guide you in making the right choices.

Children are born with all the curiousity they will ever need. It will last a lifetime if they are fed upon a daily diet of ideas.

Help Them Embrace the Great Outdoors

For children who aren't interested in athletics, the great outdoors still holds many adventures. So while traditional sports may not be their passion, they may find new skills, such as becoming a kite flyer,  which provides competitive fun.

Nurture Coping Skills with Stress-Busting Gifts

Stress comes into to play during the middle school years. Gifts for middle school boys that help them ease tension and relieve nervous energy not only help with emotional regulation but also focus.

  • 12. The Teen Edition from Big Life Journal provides young men with a way to express themselves and delve into their feelings. It also focuses on growth mindset thinking to help foster self-awareness and self-esteem.

  • 13. Outschool has martial arts classes that offer online classes. These classes not only help increase focus and concentration but provide a way to release nervous energy.

  • 14. SHASHIBO's 3D Magnetic Puzzle Box is the ultimate fidget toy requiring focus, concentration, and patience. With intriguing colors and solid plastic, the puzzle can become 70 different shapes.

  • 15. Mosiac offers Customized Weighted Blankets in several sizes and themes. These blankets are a fantastic way to help tired pre-teens wind down in the evening or after an extra-stressful day at school.

Finding the perfect gift for your middle school-aged boy can be easy when you consider their passions, interests, and developmental stage. However, gifts don't have to be all fun and games, and pre-teen boys are sure to love science kits, sports-related fun, and age-appropriate engineering activities. Remember to think outside the box and concentrate on what's essential to your middle schooler and how you want to support their needs.

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