Stay-At-Home Free Printable Care Package

Stay-At-Home Free Printable Care Package

Big Life Journal is dedicated to helping you and your children get through this unsettling period of increased shelter at home.

Below you can download our exclusive Stay-At-Home Care pack with ideas to get your children moving and learning while staying indoors!

Many ideas in this package were suggested by our growth mindset community of parents and teachers.  

Click here to download the Free printable Stay-At-Home Care Package.

Stay-At-Home Free Printable Care Package


The 10-page printable pack includes: 

- Indoor Games & Activities to get your children moving

- "I'm Bored" list of indoor activities for children (both alone and with their siblings)

- "Things I Can Do" for teens and older children

- Stay-at-home resource lists including growth mindset movies, TV shows, and books 

- My Daily Learning Projects template for children (all ages) 

Grab a growth mindset journal for your children:

Big Life Journal for ages 7-10 

Big Life Journal for ages 11+ 

A growth mindset is not about being smarter. It’s about happier, more resilient children who approach life’s challenges with confidence. It's about teaching them they can achieve ANYTHING with hard work and dedication.

growth mindset journal for kids

37 thoughts on “Stay-At-Home Free Printable Care Package

  1. avatar Celeste Jazmin Reyes says:

    It’s beautiful and amazing! I think it is helpful for kids to share their feelings and thoughts, thank you for sharing the free printables on fridays and I am waiting for the money to get the teenagers and the kids journals! I love them all.

  2. avatar viczie says:

    thank you for this! indeed a great help for me as a parent. my kids will surely enjoy this.

  3. avatar Susan says:

    Thank you so much for this wonderful resource, I just love it!

  4. avatar Brenda says:

    I love getting these for my kids. Thanks for your and your teams hard work.

  5. avatar uchenna says:

    God bless you .


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