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Download our free guide: How to Teach Growth Mindset to Kids (The 4-Week Guide).

There's no wrong place to start with Big Life Journal resources. All our resources have unique content and do not overlap. 

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Big Life Journal for kids is an illustrated and guided journal for children ages 7-10. It is available as a hardcopy here on our website. 

Big Life Journal - Teen Edition is a growth mindset journal for tweens and teens ages 11+It is available as a hardcopy here on our website. 


Lesson Plans (PDF) are built upon the Big Life Journal for kids. There are 13 lessons, over 110 pages. The lessons are designed for a classroom, a homeschool, or as an after-school activity. You need the journal for these lesson plans (it's NOT included in this PDF, it has to be purchased separately). The printables which go with the lesson plans ARE included in this PDF.

Teaching Guide (PDF) is built upon the Big Life Journal - Teen Edition. These growth mindset lesson plans help parents and educators to incorporate Social-Emotional Learning and growth mindset into homeschool or classroom. It includes 75 pages of discussion questions, resources, extension activities, and teaching tips. 


These kits are digital resources, you will receive them via email and nothing will be physically mailed. 

New Year Goal-Setting Kit (ages 4-10)

This set of 25 beautiful worksheets, coloring sheets, and quotes will help your child

  • develop a growth mindset
  • learn the important skill of goal-setting
  • practice kindness and gratitude 

New Year Goal-Setting Kit (ages 11+)

Ideal for ages 11 and above, this digital kit includes 27 pages of unique coloring sheets, inspiring quotes, thoughtful reflection pages, and much more. With this kit, your kids will  

  • practice reflecting on past experiences
  • learn the important skill of goal-setting
  • learn how to track things like habits and exercise 

Growth Mindset Printables Kit is a collection of engaging worksheets, posters, and coloring pages for children. It also includes printables guides for parents and teachers. With this kit, kids will learn how to stay resilient and overcome the fear of failure. Recommended age range is 5-11

Growth Mindset Activity Kit is a collection of fun activities and games which promote growth mindset and help develop important life skills. You can start using them with kids ages 4-10. 

Self-Esteem & Confidence Kit is a collection of printable worksheets and activities. With this kit, kids will learn how to overcome their negative self-talk and start believing in themselves and their abilities. The kit has goal-setting templates, problem-solving activities, EFT tapping for confidence guide, and much more! Recommended age range is 5-11.

Challenges Kit is a collection of our most popular 7-day and 5-day challenges which promote self-love, growth mindset, gratitude, and positivity. Use these challenges as a 5-10 minute daily activity. Have your kids or students be each other's challenge buddies to foster teamwork and collaboration. Recommended age range is 5-12.

Famous Failures Kit is a printable set of worksheets highlighting famous people from around the world who have failed and struggled on their way to success. Recommended age range is 5-14.

Inspirational Quotes Kit is a beautifully illustrated collection of inspirational quotes for kids, parents, and teachers.


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