Teaching Guide PDF for Big Life Journal - Tween/Teen Edition (ages 11+)

$19.95 USD

These growth mindset lesson plans help parents and educators to incorporate Social-Emotional Learning and growth mindset into homeschool or classroom.

This 75-page digital printable kit includes discussion questions, resources, extension activities, and teaching tips.

This teaching resource goes together with the Big Life Journal - Tween/Teen Edition (you need the journal to use the guide).

Use with middle school students. The recommended age range is 11 years old and above. 

Download the sample lesson HERE.

Recommended Uses

Consider using this guide for any of these purposes:

  • One-on-one with a young learner;
  • Small groups in diverse settings like youth groups, homeschooling groups, and/or co-ops;
  • In the classroom infuse social-emotional learning and psychology into the content you teach;
  • As a central text or supporting resource for life skills classes, summer camps, after-school, or educational programs.

This guide is provided FREE with orders of 10 or more hardcover Big Life Journal - Tween/Teen Edition. Please write to for more information.