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Embrace the STRUGGLE in the Australian Outback!

Embrace the STRUGGLE in the Australian Outback!

Zara and Leo set up camp in the Australian wilderness to practice their survival skills. But before long, they get swept up in a tidal river and find themselves up a tree without a paddle! Find out how struggle can make you STRONGER, and learn about Deng Adut, the defense lawyer who took each obstacle as an opportunity to grow and help his community.


In this episode, children will:

  • Learn how challenges make you stronger
  • Travel to Australia
  • Meet Deng Adut, a defense lawyer

    Supplemental Resources



      • Meet The Robinsons (2007) G The main motto of the film is “keep moving forward.” It teaches children that failure is an inevitable part of life; you learn from it and keep going!
      • Turbo (2013) G Speedy snail dreams big! A positive message to believe in yourself, follow your dreams, and never giving up.
      • Walt Before Mickey (2015) PG The true story of a boy whose dreams built a kingdom. The legendary Walt Disney had a tumultuous childhood, yet he was determined to overcome obstacles in his path, before the creation of his first iconic character: Mickey Mouse.



      1. The Resilience Kit is a collection of printable worksheets, posters, activities, and coloring pages designed to help children develop grit, resilience, and perseverance.  These activities are to use as a family or in a classroom.

      2. Your child can practice finding solutions to obstacles they're facing with My Mighty Treasure Coins printable found in the Self-Esteem & Confidence Kit. 

      3. Journal every day with the Big Life Journal-Daily Edition. The daily activities inside the journal help your child focus on encouraging, self-loving thoughts and wire their brain for growth mindset, resilience, confidence, gratitude, kindness, and self-love.


      Discussion Questions

      • What did Leo and Zara struggle with and how did they handle the challenges?
      • How did Deng Adut’s struggle help him help others?
      • Can you think of a challenge that has helped you get stronger?

      For Parents and Teachers


      Produced by Alexandra Eidens and Big Life Journal team. Written and directed by Sarah Cyrano. Sound design and original music by Elettra Bargiacchi. Sound mixing by Mattia Marcelli. Characters played by Sean Chiplock and Ryan Bartley. Managed by Laura Hernandez. 


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