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Big Life Journal (ages 18-99)

$48.97 NZD

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A NEW guided, science-based journal for adults to help you manage your self-sabotaging inner voice and start living fully and joyfully.

This motivational, gender-neutral journal is packed with short, practical lessons and easy, thoughtful writing prompts that will help you transform your mindset and become a positive example for your kids.

This journal is for you, if you…
  • feel trapped in constant cycles of negative thoughts
  • self-sabotage your efforts and ask yourself 'who am I to do this?'
  • put yourself down and don't follow through with your goals
  • experience feelings of regret and hopelessness
  • feel stuck or unmotivated to pursue your dreams

Change your mindset and push through what’s holding you back so that you can live life on your terms, break out of negative thought loops, and find peace.

This journal is best for ages 18-99 and suits all adults (not only parents).

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Customer Reviews

Based on 169 reviews
Life changing

This journal was a gift to myself for my 50th.
Big life journal has been a part of a complete shift in my perspective. It has allowed me to appreciate the beauty in myself, the people around me and the life I live.
I did one or two pages every week and also listened to the podcasts allowing the content to soak in.
I can honestly say it has changed every part of my life. Thank you.


Great product


Great product

Just got this BIG journal

I have just started it and I know it will help. I am depressed and need to break this cycle. My therapist recommended this to me. I am looking forward to looking back to see the change in my thought process. I have grown up with parents that are incredibly negative. My mom doesn't listen to most things i am interested in, even though I listen to things that I am not. My mom is older and is stuck in her ways. I need to have more compassion and change my thought process to accept its how she is and not take it personally or to heart. Sorry, I am just really looking forward to growing. I am always interested in learning and this book I know will help. Thank you


Excellent tool.

This inviting guided journal is easy to use and carry—and durable enough to last as a keepsake.

- Beautiful, sturdy hardcover
- 160 pages of high-quality paper
- Lays flat when opened for easy writing

The journal is divided into 5 chapters:

Chapter 1 - Possibility Mindset
Discover a powerful mindset shift that helps you see abundance and opportunities around you. This chapter will help you expand what you think is possible for you.

Chapter 2 - Growth Mindset
Challenge your fixed mindset beliefs through practical exercises and self-reflection. This chapter will help you realize you can change anything you want about yourself to create the life you want.

Chapter 3 - Gratitude Mindset
Practice expanding your awareness of what you can be grateful for in life. This chapter will help you shift into a grateful state of being so more good things come to you.

Chapter 4 - Self-Compassion Mindset
Reflect on your relationship with yourself and adopt a self-compassion mindset to become your greatest ally in life. This chapter will help you become less critical of yourself.

Chapter 5 - Freedom Mindset
Take ownership of your life and learn how to make choices to bring about positive changes. This chapter will help you take control of what you CAN control and let go of the rest.

Is this journal dated?

No. It's a guided journal that has short, practical lessons and easy, thoughtful writing prompts.

Is this journal gender-neutral?


Do you have an ebook version?

No ebook version is available at this time.  

Is this journal religious?


Does this journal go with the kid's or teen's Big Life Journal?

This journal is not specifically designed to go with either kid's or teen's editions. You can work on this journal independently OR alongside your child working on theirs. 

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