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Big Life Kids Podcast - Episode 5

EP 5 - Be the Kid Who Never Gave Up

Shoot Hoops and Find your Inner Scary Coach on the River Thames, London!

Zara and Leo arrive in London, United Kindom to seek ancient treasures in the depths of the River Thames and end up finding a basketball. In this episode, you will learn about Ade Adepitan, the gold medalist in a wheelchair. Ade helps Leo understand that success means trying, and trying, and trying again!

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In this episode, children will:

  • discover how staying persistent will help them succeed
  • travel to London, United Kingdom
  • be inspired by Ade Adepitan, a wheelchair basketball player

Want to Learn More


  • In Chapter 3, "Be Persistent," in Big Life Journal - Second Edition your child will reflect on the feelings they experience in those difficult moments when they want to give up.

Big Life Journal - Chapter 3


Podcast Activity Kit PDF (ages 5-11)


1. Give these Persistence and Grit Coloring Cards (in the Podcast Activity Kit) to friends or family members to encourage them to keep going and not give up! Simply print out the cards, color them in, cut out and share!   

2. Use the My Goal Think-Sheet and The Goal-Setting Sheet pages in the Self- Esteem & Confident Kit to help your children brainstorm where they want to improve and what they want to accomplish. As they create goals and work towards them, their confidence grows.

3. Hang the colorful Success Iceberg poster as a great visual reminder that success comes with persistence, effort, grit, failures, frustrations, and rejections.

4. Use colorful hand-lettered Affirmation Bracelets in the Resilience Kit to create affirmation bracelets, bookmarks, a poster or a paper garland.

Discussion Questions

  • Why did Ade Adepitan become a successful basketball player?
  • Think of something which took you a long time to learn. What was it? What was frustrating about the learning process? What kept you going?
  • Think of a time when you wanted to quit while doing something difficult. Describe what happened. Did you keep going? What did you learn?

    For Parents and Teachers


    Produced by Alexandra Eidens and Big Life Journal team. Written and directed by Sarah Cyrano. Sound design and original music by Elettra Bargiacchi. Sound mixing by Mattia Marcelli. Characters played by Sean Chiplock and Ryan Bartley. Managed by Kait Bibb.

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      I’m excited to use this in my curriculum, thank you so much for providing this!

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